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Directional radio technology

Why it pays off to invest in the future



Our commercially used, private fixed links via radio relay are operated exclusively on frequencies only allocated by the Federal Network Agency and kept free throughout. This ensures that the transmission channels remain absolutely interference-free and available with the planned transmission characteristics even for demanding data connections.



The private fixed connections are provided as a “real” private network (not only as an “apparent” private network – VPN). Under guarantee, there will be no joint use by third parties and no branching or connection of further transmission and switching facilities. The contractually agreed capacities are exclusively available.



The annual average availability is at least 99.5% (*) per individual route. This includes a weather-related availability of better than 99.99% for the routes we have planned and built. For highly available, fail-safe WAN solutions, redundant connections can be realised quickly and cost-effectively with disjunct radio links.

Technology for the future

Performance that convinces

Low latency

The use of specifically optimised, particularly powerful radio relay technology with fast signal processing technology and radio signal propagation at the speed of light over the shortest possible direct path guarantees very short signal propagation times over the radio relay links as a prerequisite for high-performance operation of LAN-LAN couplings.

Soft failure behaviour

In order to ensure the continued operation of data links via microwave radio relay even in rare, extreme weather conditions, all microwave radio relay links are equipped with automatic transmission power control (ATPC) and automatic modulation matching (ACM).

Low bit error rate

The directional radios have built-in error correction (FEC), so low bit error rates of better than 10-9 are guaranteed.

Guaranteed capacity

The agreed transmission rates between 34 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s are constantly guaranteed. After commissioning, a throughput measurement is carried out with freely available measuring equipment for verification purposes, which can be repeated by the user and other service providers themselves at any time. There is no multiple use or overbooking and no volume-based billing.

Data security

We set up an exclusive network architecture for each customer. Thanks to the minimal transmission power with the use of high-quality antennas (low aperture angle, directed radio beam) as well as the permanent monitoring in our management centre, data protection is met in an excellent manner.

Low energy consumption

Radio relay technology is characterised by low energy consumption, so that energy supply and air conditioning resources are conserved.

Industry solution

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